Numid number pyramid game

Numid (Number Pyramid) is a mobile-first arithmetic game inspired by seminal Wordle created by Josh Wardle. The game aims to level up numeracy skills through  simple addition and subtraction. The goal is to reach the top of the pyramid as quickly as possible.

Numid number pyramid game

Technology stack

The game was written with Svelte for logic, TailwindCSS for styling, and developed using Vite. The game is built into a static artefact then hosted in S3 with Cloudflare providing caching and SSL. The minimal nature of the game leant itself to something lightweight, which is where Svelte and Vite really excel, starting with something small that can be developed and built with minimal configuration was a pleasure, and I would highly recommend Vite in future. I was also really impressed with Svelte(TS) the docs made grasping the concepts easy and it felt familiar to author code this way.    

Challenges and learnings

The games simplistic nature lends itself to improvements, ranging from difficulty selection to time based completion. Wordle captured peoples imagination by offering the same challenge to everyone, I think this idea could transcend to an arithmetic game also, but what's harder is to define an interesting dimension for success. Timing is one possibility, but it should not come at the expense of enjoyment.

You can check out the game at completely free. forever.